The Covers Project

The Covers Project is a cool site for music nerds and rocksnobs…

We’re building a database of cover songs (songs RECORDED by an artist other than the original ARTIST) with the intention of creating cover “chains.”

There is little information how they set it up and there are quite some covers missing, that I could come up with spontanously, but I like the idea of the cover chain.

Found with help from Coolfer

The Strokes in Europe

The Strokes will be playing in Paris next Sunday (December 3rd) in the Trabendo, which is a really small (and nice) club…

Unfortunately tickets are only available in one Store (Fnac Op ra), starting on Friday at 10am. Sales are limited to one ticket per person.

Never mind where I will be on friday, it won’t be near Fnac Op ra at that time of the day… Which means, that I also won’t be at the Trabendo on Sunday, I guess. 🙁

I found the news on Pitchfork

The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers are from England and they are clearly a band with a “The” in their name, but the music is rooted in the sixties rather than in the eighties.

The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers

The band is made up of two pairs of sister and brother, which strikes me as unusual and which makes for some very nice vocal harmonies. If you’re looking for some recent bands to compare, I would say that the music is somewhere between HAL and I Am Kloot. Sweet pop music with “real” instruments (guitar, bass, drums, melodica and very sparse keyboards) and a strong 60s flavor.

The up-tempo tracks (Love me like you, Forever Lost, Long Legs) are great pop songs and Don’t give up the Fight has a real soul touch to it. Unfortunately the slower songs are not all at quite the same level. Overall it’s a very enjoyable album which, in his good moments, can make you whistle or sing along when your alone in your car, which is quite something to say.

A special mention goes to the recording and production of the album, the instruments and vocals have a really nice warm and natural sound and there are some nice details in the recording, that show that some time and thought must have been spent on the matter.


The first thing to say about this group is that they are called Editors and not The Editors.

Editors – The Back Room

Nevertheless the Editors are a band from the UK and are clearly part of the whole movement of bands with a “The” in the name. And coincidentally (?) they sound similar to Interpol, who are not from the UK, but also don’t have a “The” in their name.

Of course, if they sound similar to Interpol, they really sound similar to quite a lot of bands from the 80s, such as Echo & the Bunnymen, to name only the most obvious. While this is the case with many recent bands, in the case of the Editors it goes so far, that you actually have the impression that you know most of the songs already. Some of them are quite catchy (Blood, Munich, Camera) but in the end they lack the little something that would make them really original.

In the end it’s an album that is pleasant to listen to, if you like the style from the 80s, but it doesn’t really add anything to what was there already.

“The beginning of the end for the CD”

This piece of news is going around the Internet. I saw it first on Coolfer and now slashdot linked to this article in the Guardian.

I still haven’t made a single paid download (but then again, I still buy vinyls…). One thing to keep in mind, not mentioned in the article, is that downloads from iTunes will only play iPods and not on any other portable mp3-player (without breaking the law). I can really see the Dollar-Signs in some people’s eyes. It’s as if CDs could only be read on Sony CD players.

Also, with Christmas coming up. Do people offer iTunes vouchers instead of CDs?

Bob Mould hates France (?)

A couple of days ago Bob Mould announced European dates for his tour of solo performances.

He is playing two shows in Greece and two shows in Belgium, but he’s not coming to France… And his recent electric tour didn’t pass through France either (instead I saw him in DC).

What’s up Bob? Don’t you like France? (or doesn’t France like you)

The Empire Strikes Back

After all these US lists and awards, it was about time for the (British) Empire to strike back… Mike Smith from Take Your Medecine has put together the votes of 14 bloggers to come up with the list The UK’s Hottest 47 Acts.

I take the number one spot as a good example of the famous British sense of humour, incomprehensible to anyone not born and living on the Island. Apart from that all of my personal favorites seem to be there.

I am surprised (although I do not disagree) that Coldplay didn’t make the list. Also U2 didn’t make the cut. I guess that just shows what a hip crowd we bloggers are… But then again the presence of Radiohead, Oasis and Muse seems to contradict the hipness argument. (Nothing wrong with Oasis). A special mention goes out to Paul Weller who is probably the oldest on the list.

I still haven’t made my personal list, but it’s much easier to comment on other people’s choices.


The Queens of the Stone Age have a new release, as reviewed on Pitchfork. It’s called Over the Years and Through the Woods and contains live recordings in audio and video format. (I’m being vague here, but you will understand why…)

As it is reviewed as a record on Pitchfork, I assumed it was a CD, even though there is a lot of bonus (?) video content. As I really like the QOTSA and I still haven’t managed to see them live, I checked out my usual online retailers… This is what I found:

On it’s an “album” in the Music categorie. So I assume it’s a CD with a bonus DVD. Also the price seems to go into that direction: US$14.99

On you can find the same reference in the DVD section (including 1 CD) and it costs EUR 24,98. Which is pretty much precisely the double of the US-price… I checked some other French/European online retailers, but it’s the same as

Now, I am not really interested in the DVD, in fact I have quite a few “bonus DVDs” that came with some of the CDs I bought, but which I’ve never seen. But I am interested in the CD and I accept to pay a little bit more for a CD if it has a bonus DVD. But unfortunately, in Europe this is considered a DVD with a bonus CD and priced accordingly…

I’m not quite sure what to do about this, actually ordering on would still be significantly cheaper than buying in France….

Crazy world of commerce…