Here it is, the much expected (?) and heavily publized album by the “enfant terrible” of the British music scene, the “new Sid Vicious”…
down in albion
Babyshambles – Down in Albion

Babyshambles is, of course, the new group of Peter Doherty, the “lost Libertine”. Just in case you hadn’t been following his adventures over the last years (remember the “Free Pete” t-shirts?), the big scandal with Kate Moss on video taking cocaine during the recording sessions made sure that everyone knew who he was and that he had an album coming up.

The album is produced by Steve Jones, like the Libertines, and it does sound pretty similar to the Libertines. But it’s a bit like John Lennon without Paul McCartney or Keith Richards without Mick Jagger (in the current case there is clearly more Keith than Mick) and Peter Doherty without Carl Barat misses the urgency that was so typical for the Libertines. The first word that came to my mind was the German term “willenlos” which doesn’t translate very well, but you could say “loose” in English.

A big source of inspiration (and promotion, see above) is clearly Kate Moss, she gets to sing (?) on the opening track (La Belle et la b te) and she is most likely the heroine (no pun intended) of What Katy did next.

Overall Down in Albion is a good album with the singles (Fuck Forever, Kilimangiro and Albion) worth checking out, in case you’re hesitating to get the full album.

Not outstanding, but really not bad at all…

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