PLUG: Independent Music Awards

We fans pledge our devotion by making mix tapes, squeezing into cramped venues, sharing MP3s, writing blogs, sporting our favorite concert T’s…even getting into the biz. For us, these records are vital, relevant, even revolutionary.

So PLUG is about the independent community coming together to celebrate its own.

So, let’s celebrate. I make mix cd’s (tapes, anyone?), I squeeze into cramped venues, I share MP3s, I wear my favorite concert t’s and now I even write a blog, but am I really part of the independent community? I am not sure, at least I don’t seem to be part of the (american) PLUG community.

You can vote for the PLUG: Independent Music Awards here. But I must admit I feel a little bit left out. Out of the albums of the year I own exactly one and from the songs of the year I know two songs… And don’t even mention the sub-categories for the different kinds of albums of the year (punk, metal, electronic, etc.), the only one I’m voting in is “Indie Rock”.

Of course lower down on the list (festival, radio Station etc.) the US focus becomes obvious, but still… Who would have thought that I was so eurocentric. (I refuse to say that I am not part of the indie community).

So go ahead, you can give plenty of votes to Sufjan Stevens, if you like. I still haven’t decided which is my album of the year, but it probably won’t win a PLUG award.