The Queens of the Stone Age have a new release, as reviewed on Pitchfork. It’s called Over the Years and Through the Woods and contains live recordings in audio and video format. (I’m being vague here, but you will understand why…)

As it is reviewed as a record on Pitchfork, I assumed it was a CD, even though there is a lot of bonus (?) video content. As I really like the QOTSA and I still haven’t managed to see them live, I checked out my usual online retailers… This is what I found:

On amazon.com it’s an “album” in the Music categorie. So I assume it’s a CD with a bonus DVD. Also the price seems to go into that direction: US$14.99

On amazon.fr you can find the same reference in the DVD section (including 1 CD) and it costs EUR 24,98. Which is pretty much precisely the double of the US-price… I checked some other French/European online retailers, but it’s the same as amazon.fr.

Now, I am not really interested in the DVD, in fact I have quite a few “bonus DVDs” that came with some of the CDs I bought, but which I’ve never seen. But I am interested in the CD and I accept to pay a little bit more for a CD if it has a bonus DVD. But unfortunately, in Europe this is considered a DVD with a bonus CD and priced accordingly…

I’m not quite sure what to do about this, actually ordering on amazon.com would still be significantly cheaper than buying in France….

Crazy world of commerce…

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