The Empire Strikes Back

After all these US lists and awards, it was about time for the (British) Empire to strike back… Mike Smith from Take Your Medecine has put together the votes of 14 bloggers to come up with the list The UK’s Hottest 47 Acts.

I take the number one spot as a good example of the famous British sense of humour, incomprehensible to anyone not born and living on the Island. Apart from that all of my personal favorites seem to be there.

I am surprised (although I do not disagree) that Coldplay didn’t make the list. Also U2 didn’t make the cut. I guess that just shows what a hip crowd we bloggers are… But then again the presence of Radiohead, Oasis and Muse seems to contradict the hipness argument. (Nothing wrong with Oasis). A special mention goes out to Paul Weller who is probably the oldest on the list.

I still haven’t made my personal list, but it’s much easier to comment on other people’s choices.