The first thing to say about this group is that they are called Editors and not The Editors.

Editors – The Back Room

Nevertheless the Editors are a band from the UK and are clearly part of the whole movement of bands with a “The” in the name. And coincidentally (?) they sound similar to Interpol, who are not from the UK, but also don’t have a “The” in their name.

Of course, if they sound similar to Interpol, they really sound similar to quite a lot of bands from the 80s, such as Echo & the Bunnymen, to name only the most obvious. While this is the case with many recent bands, in the case of the Editors it goes so far, that you actually have the impression that you know most of the songs already. Some of them are quite catchy (Blood, Munich, Camera) but in the end they lack the little something that would make them really original.

In the end it’s an album that is pleasant to listen to, if you like the style from the 80s, but it doesn’t really add anything to what was there already.