The Kevins Story

It’s the season for Christmas stories, but I have a The Kevins Story, I guess that’s original….

After my post on The Kevins, a couple of days ago, I sent them an e-mail ( to inquire how much it would cost to have the CD sent to Paris.

The next day I got an e-mail back, which said:

I am 1/2 of the kevins and am currently in paris. I
could personally deliver the cd to you. How’s that for service!

What a surprise, and good service indeed.

I answered back, giving my exact address and my mobile phone number, suggesting to physically meet and exchange the CD against (Euro-)cash.

Another two days later I received another e-mail:

did my brother KEVIN get a hold of you he’s living in france right
now and i figured you could paypal me the 10 dollars and he will just
hand deliver. he’s very shy.

I answered back, that the French Kevin had indeed not gotten in touch with me.. Another two days later the French Kevin finally gave a sign of life:

Hello W this is the paris half. Yes I am rather shy and a bit
creepy. The other kevin is the social kevin. I will drop the cd in
your box tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for showing interest and I
hope you are happy with what you hear.
Thanks so much

I the left town for christmas, and when I came back I did find the CD in my mailbox together with a small note, written on a paper napkin:

So it took about a week to get the CD and I didn’t get the chance to meet The Kevins, but I have the CD and I will listen to it on my upcoming ski holiday… I’ll let you know what I think of it when I come back.

Away for Christmas

When I was at university and there were still the answering machines with tapes, I always put a message on the tape, based on Bing Crosby’s version of I’ll be home for Christmas. This year I’ve found a really good version by Fats Domino (it’s on this album: Christmas Gumbo).

Of course I won’t be home for christmas, but I’ll be away….

So have a happy christmas everyone, I’ll be back before the end of the year….


Compilation America 2005

I dont think I’ll make a real selection of the Best of 2005, but I’ve made two compilation CDs with songs from albums from this year. One compilation is from America (US & Canada) and one from Europe (mainly British Isles). I must admit that it’s mainly the singles from each album, which accelerates the process and makes the list very representative of the artists (or rather the record company’s) choice, rather than my personal taste. I spent some thought on the sequencing, so listening to the list in one go shouldn’t appear too random.

Some comments on the American list: Two things are very remarkable, and I believe they are due to my personal preferences but maybe also to the actual state of the music scene in America. There are very few debut albums, it’s mostly “the latest album from…”. The debut albums are from The Killers which did not impress me much and from LCD Sundsystem which impressed me a lot. Also, the overall diversity is very high. Bright Eyes and Ryan Adams happily co-exist with the Foo Fighters and QOTSA. I guess America is too big to have a consistent wave of bands like the UK. But I’ll post the European list tomorrow and make my comments then…

In the meantime, enjoy (legally) downloading the songs you are missing and make yourself a playlist or a CD (it fits on a CD-R 80)

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English Country Garden

Just an afterthought to The Darkness review…

The Darkness have a song called English Country Garden on their new album. This reminded me of the first 7″-single I have ever owned. My mother bought it for me in the early 70s in England. I chose it because the A-side was a song called Football Crazy, but the B-Side was English Country Garden. It was recorded by Rolf Harris and is actually dated 1963. I still have the record, but I have also found the song at

The song ends with the memorable line: “Market, join the common market”


English Country Garden – Rolf Harris

The Darkness

The new album from The Darkness starts of with someone sniffing some lines of coke, but of course the music is still more for beer drinkers.

One Way Ticket To Hell And Bac

The overall concept hasn’t really changed, The Darkness still make the original Hard Rock (Queen, Whitesnake, …) with disarmingly straightforward lyrics. You love it or you hate it, nobody stays indifferent. This time they have hired the producer of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, so the vocal arrangements are real close to the real thing. As for the lyrics, what can you say about a band that repeats lines like “I realy like what you did with your hair” (Knockers) or has a song called Bald.

Of course after having said that I am only moderately impressed by Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire, it will come as a surprise to nobody that I really enjoy The Darkness. It feels like not being “Musically correct” but I couldn’t care less…

PS: PopMatters loves it. Pitchfork is only luke warm. So maybe it’s MC after all…

Pixies not on CD or Vinyl

As mentioned on Pitchfork, the Pixies are releasing a live album with songs from several concerts of their money making reunion tour. Of course there is also the DVD (Pixies : Sell Out) All this is nothing really special, and fully in line with their approach to make as much money as posssible out of their popularity. The interesting point is that they will not release this double-album on a physical support, like CD or Vinyl. You can get the downloads here.
This is probably a special case, as they don’t seem to be linked with a record label, but still it could be another step towards the “End of the CD”