The Subways

It is rather unusual for me to see a band in concert twice, before finally buying their album, but here is such a case. I first saw The Subways as the opening act for Weezer at the Olympia in Paris in June this year. (We didn’t have the Foo Fighters together with Weezer here in good old Europe). To be perfectly honest at the time they didn’t really leave a lasting impression. The only thing I can really remember is the mini skirt of the bass player, which seems to be her trade mark. (this implies, that she wants to be remembered for it and that I am not being sexist).

The second time I saw The Subways, they were opening up the great evening of the Festival des Inrocks with The Futureheads, Max mo Park and The Kaiser Chiefs following up. This time it was in La Cigale, which is much smaller venue and they put up quite a show.

So I eventually decided to get the CD, if only to be able to have the full set in order to remember the evening at La Cigale.

Young For Eternity
The Subways – Young for Eternity

The target audience for The Subways is clearly below 30 (below 20?). They play very straightforward rock music, without any apparent ambition to introduce any innovation. But that’s ok with me, as they have plenty of energy and some nice tunes. Rock’n’roll Queen is an instant radio friendly hit and With You is he same kind of poppy rock, that will please millions (?) of young boys and girls…. Depending on the song, you will be reminded of Nirvana, Oasis, The von Bondies or The Datsuns, just to name a few.

At the end of the day it remains light fare, but thoroughly enjoyable.