The New Pornographers

Pitchfork recently had a very interesting (and long) article on Indie Pop, it decribes today’s American Indie Music as follows:

the fashionable music-of-choice for a certain sort of mostly-white, mostly-educated, mostly-middle-class young people, the sorts of kids the British call “student types.”

This pretty much decribes a lot of music coming out America these days, and hits the spot for The New Pornographers. I am purposely writing America and not the US, as they come from Canada.

Twin Cinema

Twin Cinema is pure contemporary American indie pop. Full of complex arrangements and weird lyrics. You could put it somewhere between The Shins and Arcade Fire. Luckily there are also some distorted guitars and some booming drums that keep the album from being boring. I really like Twin Cinema and Sing Me Spanish Techno, but overall the music is maybe too intellectual to really leave a lasting impression on me. I wonder what they are like in concert, I hear they are quite good.

One last thing intrigues me, the melody of the title line in the song Sing Me Spanish Techno sounds very familiar to me, but I don’t know what song it reminds me of, any ideas?

Listen to the song here posted on Centralvillage

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  1. Ca me fait aussi penser Wilco… En tout cas, a priori pas un candidat pour le top 10 de 2005. Mais cela reste sympathique (et c’est toujours mieux que les vilains de Darkness)…

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