Arcade Fire – Rock&Folk

My favorite music magazine in France is Rock&Folk. In the latest issue they have published the result of their readers poll. Arcade Fire come in first for “Best Group”, ” Best Album”, “Best Concert”, “Hope” (this would probably translate better as “Newcomer”) and “Best Record Cover”. The song “Rebellion” comes in as 5th best song and Win Butler is 4th in the list of “Heroes”, behind Pete Doherty, Bob Geldof and Paul McCartney. The only top 5 ranking where Arcade Fire do not appear although technically they could is “Sex Symbol”. (in the future they can still make #1 in the following categories: “Movie”, “Solo Artist”, “DVD” and “Come Back”. In that order)

Besides the fact that Arcade Fire was already the Band of 2004 in America (again Canada and US), I am left speachless. I bought the album, because of the overwhelming buzz, but I have never really gotten into it. It clearly wouldn’t even figure in my Top 10 (if I ever got to doing one).