The Darkness

The new album from The Darkness starts of with someone sniffing some lines of coke, but of course the music is still more for beer drinkers.

One Way Ticket To Hell And Bac

The overall concept hasn’t really changed, The Darkness still make the original Hard Rock (Queen, Whitesnake, …) with disarmingly straightforward lyrics. You love it or you hate it, nobody stays indifferent. This time they have hired the producer of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, so the vocal arrangements are real close to the real thing. As for the lyrics, what can you say about a band that repeats lines like “I realy like what you did with your hair” (Knockers) or has a song called Bald.

Of course after having said that I am only moderately impressed by Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire, it will come as a surprise to nobody that I really enjoy The Darkness. It feels like not being “Musically correct” but I couldn’t care less…

PS: PopMatters loves it. Pitchfork is only luke warm. So maybe it’s MC after all…

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