The Kevins Story

It’s the season for Christmas stories, but I have a The Kevins Story, I guess that’s original….

After my post on The Kevins, a couple of days ago, I sent them an e-mail ( to inquire how much it would cost to have the CD sent to Paris.

The next day I got an e-mail back, which said:

I am 1/2 of the kevins and am currently in paris. I
could personally deliver the cd to you. How’s that for service!

What a surprise, and good service indeed.

I answered back, giving my exact address and my mobile phone number, suggesting to physically meet and exchange the CD against (Euro-)cash.

Another two days later I received another e-mail:

did my brother KEVIN get a hold of you he’s living in france right
now and i figured you could paypal me the 10 dollars and he will just
hand deliver. he’s very shy.

I answered back, that the French Kevin had indeed not gotten in touch with me.. Another two days later the French Kevin finally gave a sign of life:

Hello W this is the paris half. Yes I am rather shy and a bit
creepy. The other kevin is the social kevin. I will drop the cd in
your box tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for showing interest and I
hope you are happy with what you hear.
Thanks so much

I the left town for christmas, and when I came back I did find the CD in my mailbox together with a small note, written on a paper napkin:

So it took about a week to get the CD and I didn’t get the chance to meet The Kevins, but I have the CD and I will listen to it on my upcoming ski holiday… I’ll let you know what I think of it when I come back.

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