Beck – Guero

Beck’s Guero actually came out in March last year, but I totaly snobbed it, mainly due to the fact that I found his last two albums (Sea Change and Mutations) totally boring. But after the album appeared in some Best Of 2005 lists and reading the respective comments, I changed my mind and decided to give it a listen. (ie buy it)


I must, of course, also say, that before the two albums mentioned above, Beck was a total hero. Loser was a song that shaped a generation (or something along those lines) and Odelay was a sensational album when it came out (almost 10 years ago), although I’m not sure how well it it has stood up to the test of time.

So what about Guero? The easiest coment to make is “Beck is back”, and I’m sure I’m not the first to make that comment. The album is produced by the Dust Brothers, who also produced Odelay, which is surely one of the reasons why Guero seems to pick up where Odelay left us. But this is also part of the problem. At least for me, Odelay was a sensation in 1996, but now we’re in 2006 and Beck is back to playing his old tricks, even though some of the meelow stuff from his more recent albums shines through.

Overall it’s a good album, which is worth listening to, but it’s nowhere near his past glory. But I’m looking forward to Beck’s next album (no, not Guerolito) which will tell if he can re-invent himself again.