Rolling Stones Express

I guess everybody knows that the Rolling Stones are coming to France this summer. They have already sold out the Stade de France once and have added a new date for July 2nd (which is in the middle of the World Cup, but a day without a match…).

I’ve always very much liked the Stones for what they did before the 80’s and quite clearly they were by far my favorite group when I was young. I also have all of their albums (except the more recent live albums) and Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street, Let it Bleed and Beggars Banquet are absolute classics that everyone should have.

The thing that makes me write this post though, is that they have have partnered with (ie sold out to) American Express, which means that Amex card holders (like me) get to buy the tickets before everyone else. How non-Rock’n’Roll is that?

If Rock’n’Roll was originally for the young and poor, we have clearly left that era. I saw the Stones in East-Berlin (coming from the west) not very long after the wall came down (1991?) and there plenty of people for whom seeing the Stones was the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. Today they could maybe scrape together the cash to pay the ticket (80 -148 EUR, nevertheless) but they would still have to wait and see what the Amex Card members left over for them.

So here you go, the primary target group for the Biggest Rock’n’roll band in the world are people who are entitled to an American Express card. I wasn’t planning to go anyway, after finding the last time in Stade de France pretty disappointing, and I’ll leave my slot to someone else.

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