Coachella Line Up

The Coachella festival is the only US Rock Festitval, that I am aware of, that can compare with what goes on over here in Europe, although it’s only two days.

Quite often the bands that play at Coachella end up doing the festival circuit in Europe in the summer, so even if California is a little bit too far away from Paris for a week-end, it’s still interesting to knows who’s playing. They have just annouced the 2006 line-up. It’s not on their site yet, but you can read it on Pitchfork.

I am not really impressed, the headliners are on Saturday Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand and Sigur Ros, and on Sunday Tool, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bloc Party. Further down the list there are actually quite a few names which I’ve never heard of but overall it doesn’t really get me excited.

Is this a sign for the end of the spell of great new rock music over the last years (since 2005) or am I just being pessimistic (or ignorant)?