The Kevins

I’ve written about The Kevins before (here and here) and now it’s about time to write a review on the album…

According to their bio, The Kevins are two brothers and the album was recorded in Wichita, Kansas. I’m not sure this should be taken absolutely seriously, but it doesn’t really matter either. The music is sweet pop music, with clean guitars and vocals. Only one song (Crying Bitterly, Painfully) has drums, and even here it’s more irony than serious drumming… The lyrics are basically about the drama of being young and in love, which means that they are not very deep but definetly very cute. So, overall it’s Indie Pop with pretty melodies.

For some strange reason the first comparable group that came to my mind was Nic Dalton’s (ex-Lemonheads) Godstar ; a less obscure and more recent reference could be Adam Green, but really The Kevins have their own thing going, and even if it’s not really modern, it’s really quite good and they would deserve to be a little less obscure (like, how about a recording contract).

If you like the songs you’ve heard floating around on the Internet, I encourage you to order the album.