Cat Power – The Greatest

This blog has been in some serious hibernation since my last post. This is mainly due to the crazy amout of work I’ve had lately but also (to a much lesser extent) because of the new Cat Power album which is next on my list of albums to be reviewed.

The Greatest

I guess everyone has understood, that this is not a Greatest Hits collection, although the name could make you think that, but an actual new album with new songs. The reason, why it took so long to write about it, is that I still can’t really make up my mind what to think about it.
I must admit, that I am not really a huge Cat Power fan. I really liked her last album, You Are Free, because it had that special something, but I never got into her masterpiece (?) Moon Pix and the recent live show that I attended was so poor that we left before the end.

For The Greatest Chan Marshall (which is Cat Power’s real name) has chosen to go to Memphis and record with some legendary (?) musicians that played with people like Al Green. I don’t really know anything about Memphis Soul, but I guess the most obvious result of this collaboration is the presence of saxophone and trumpet on some titles. This should not lead you to believe that it’s a soul record, as it still very much sounds like Cat Power, but you could say that it sounds a bit warmer and fuller than her previous stuff.

And maybe that explains the problem I have with The Greatest, it’s a nice album, but it somehow lacks that special magic, that made me like You Are Free so much. Somehow it’s mellow, where the it used to be athmospheric. Very pleasant and worth listening to for many times (as I have in the last couple of weeks), but I don’t think it really is the Greatest…