Sonic Youth at The Nouveau Casino

Sonic Youth are coming to Paris and are playing at Le Nouveau Casino on April 20th.

The show was announced yesterday and tickets went on sale today. I was lucky, as I got tickets and, surprise, it seems to be sold out now…
The Nouveau Casino is a really small club with a capacity of 300-400 people (and it’s a 5 to 10 minutes walk from home), so it should be rather special…

Jeff Tweedy NOT in Paris (Nouveau Casino)

In the latest number of Magic was an ad from Alias Productions (their Website is dead) which announced a Jeff Tweedy solo show in the Nouveau Casino on April 28th. It was also confirmed by Les Inrocks. I was pretty exited, as I have never seen a Jeff Tweedy solo show, but (obviously) a couple of Wilco shows.

When I tried to buy a ticket, there were none for sale. So I checked the website of the Nouveau Casino and, surprise, they announce a different show for the 28th: Dagoba (?).

So I sent a mail to the Nouveau Casino and this is the response I got (excuse the french):

Il en est que les annonceurs sont dans l’erreur. Aucun concert de jeff tweedy n’a lieu chez nous. Ce 28 avril l , il y aura bien Dagoba suivi de la soir e Santa crew !

…basically they say that the people who placed the ad are wrong.

But, of course I’m not that easily discouraged, so I sent an e-mail to Bob from Goldartist who is the touring agent for Wilco & Co in Europe. Here is what he replied:

Unfortunately Jeff Tweedy is NOT appearing at the New Casino on April 28th. It was discussed but never confirmed, and the idea scrapped many months ago. Somehow the proposed date got on to Inrocks. website. I have been constantly asking for it to be removed. I do apologise for the confusion.

I am looking at a possible Wilco date in Paris / France end of August, early September. I will keep your email on file and if this should come together I will inform you. Again apologies for the confusion.

Not really great news, but at least the confusion is cleared. Instead you can go to and download some Jeff Tweedy Solo shows as Bit Torrents. I recommend this show :2005-03-05 Jeff Tweedy – Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL.

The good news is, that Wilco could be coming to Paris this year, I just hope that I won’t be on vacation..

Shout Out Louds – Nothing to shout home about

I’ve always had weak spot for bands from Scandinavia and Sweden in particular. In recent years band like The Hives and The (International) Noise Conspiracy have done a good job of keeping the Swedish reputation high. So when I came across the Shout Out Louds, I must admit that I had high hopes.

Howl Howl Gaff Gaff

Howl Howl Gaff Gaff didn’t quite meet my expectations. To me SOL are a bit like the swedish version of Arcade Fire, which, coming from me, is not a good thing. I guess most songs are lighter and less hysteric, but nevertheless. It’s pleasant to listen to, and Arcade Fire fans, who after all seem to be in the majority, should check them out. I’ll pass on to other stuff…

Arctic Monkeys – Don’t believe the hype

Everybody must know, that The Arctic Monkeys are a total music industry sensation, as they managed to create such a buzz, partly by giving away free mp3’s of their demos on their website, that they eventually sold over 360,000 copies of their album in the first week in the UK.

With all this, people overlook, that the Arctic Monkeys actually signed to Domino in June 2005 (!) and much of the buzz probably was skillfully managed by the record label.

What people also seem to forget, is to talk about the actual music….

Whatever People Say I Am - That\'S What I\'M Not Continue reading

The Go! Team at the Trabendo cancelled

I was planning to see The Go! Team tonight at the Trabendo, but I have just received a Text Message from France Billet, to inform me that the show is rescheduled to May 10th.

Whereas the cancellation of the show tonight is not really great news, I must admit that the service provided by France Billet (I actually bought the tickets at is really cool. A really smart use of new technology…

Solo Foo

Taylor Hawkins, the drummer from the Foo Fighters, is preparing the release of his first solo album. He already wrote and sang one song, Cold Day in The Sun, on the last Foo Fighters album, and even got to sing it on the last Foo Fighters tour. You can check out one song in full and the others as “snippets” from the album here.

There is, of course, some crazy drumming going on, but what else could you expect from the man that drums for Dave Grohl?

Muse, Arctic Monkeys and Pearl Jam to headline Reading Festival 2006

This somehow slipped underneath my radar-screen (aka

I don’t like Muse much, but Arctic Monkeys are cool, and considering the success they’ve been having in the UK, it should probably be quite an event. Pearl Jam fills the slot for the “old” band this year. Last year it was Iron Maiden. I guess it’s bettter than Brian Wilson, but I would have preferred Mot rhead.

I just saw the Kaiser Chiefs at the Bataclan in Paris last Tuesday and they are much better live than on record, and Franz Ferdinand should put on a good live show as well.

Tool (so what?) and the Editors (appearently very good live) are also reported to play.

I hope The Strokes make it on the line-up, their headliner spot in 2002 was memorable (with Jack White joining them for the last song).

The Go! Team have confirmed their participation for Reading 2006. But I guess (hope) they won’t make it to the main stage.