Muse, Arctic Monkeys and Pearl Jam to headline Reading Festival 2006

This somehow slipped underneath my radar-screen (aka

I don’t like Muse much, but Arctic Monkeys are cool, and considering the success they’ve been having in the UK, it should probably be quite an event. Pearl Jam fills the slot for the “old” band this year. Last year it was Iron Maiden. I guess it’s bettter than Brian Wilson, but I would have preferred Mot rhead.

I just saw the Kaiser Chiefs at the Bataclan in Paris last Tuesday and they are much better live than on record, and Franz Ferdinand should put on a good live show as well.

Tool (so what?) and the Editors (appearently very good live) are also reported to play.

I hope The Strokes make it on the line-up, their headliner spot in 2002 was memorable (with Jack White joining them for the last song).

The Go! Team have confirmed their participation for Reading 2006. But I guess (hope) they won’t make it to the main stage.

2 thoughts on “Muse, Arctic Monkeys and Pearl Jam to headline Reading Festival 2006

  1. Motorhead as opposed to Pearl Jam!!! Are u hard of hearing? And Tool r a class act – I’ve seen them dozens of times. U must be one of these new wave rock fans who worship these new polished acts when their often as original as a cheese sandwich. Take off your Ramones t-shirt u got last week from Topman and dive in a puddle of shit u clueless naive cockend.

  2. It probably would be best not to answer his, but neverheless…

    I saw Pearl Jam (minus Eddie Veddder) play with Neil Young in Berlin in 1995, which probably takes me off your list of “new wave rock fans…”

    Also I don’t see how Motorhead fits into the list of “new polished acts”, that are “original as Cheese Sandwich”.

    For the rest, all I can say is “mind your language”and don’t use a fake e-mail/web address to leave your comments…

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