New Lemonheads album this year

I guess ever since Lovey, The Lemonheads have been very much a vehicle for Evan Dando’s solo work, with ever changing line-ups. So after his “solo”-album in 2003, he will release a Lemonheads album later this year. The line-up seems to be the same that I saw play It’s a shame about Ray for the Don’t Look Back show in London last year.

I’ve always like Evan Dando, so I’m looking forward to that…

Thanks to Pitchfork for the news.

New Single and Video from Primal Scream

Seems like Primal Scream have left their techno phase behind them, you can watch the video to their new single here. Ever since the album Give Out But Don’t Give Up everyone was aware of the influence that the Rolling Stones must have had on Bobby Gillespies, over 10 years later it seems to have resurfaced…

thanks to coolfer for the link.

The Living Things – Ahead of the Lions (?)

The French Rock magazine Rock & Folk elected this album as the album of the month two months ago and had a 6 page article on the band in the same issue. At that time the album was only available as an import in France…

Ahead of the Lions

That’s quite some hype for French standards, as R&F is not exactly NME, when it comes to new bands…

So what is it all about? The Living Things play guitar-heavy rock music with, for some songs, a heavy dose of psychedelia. The album is recorded (not produced) by Steve Albini. The Big Thing are the the very political lyrics… (“No solution, just bombs below…”).

In my opinion, great rock music can have political lyrics, but political lyrics don’t necessarily make rock music great. The Clash or The Dead Kennedies (as usual, pretty random examples) had great songs and then decided to have political lyrics. In the case of the Living Things, I’m not sure they would get such enthusiastic reviews, if it wasn’t for the lyrics… The music is not bad, even if I can’t help being reminded of the Dandy Warhols in some cases and I won’t judge the lyrics (to be honest I haven’t really studies them in detail).

One thing makes we wonder though: How come a band with such a strong message would want their album to be published by a major label (Sony BMG), with one of the consequences being that they have the FBI Anti-Piracy warning on the back cover, which really isn’t very subversive…

Indie Rockonomics

After the Sonic Youth show last week, I wanted to write a post with this title, and by coincidence Coolfer also has a post on concert tickets using the term Rockonomics. The stuff that Coolfer links to is very interesting, in particular the PowerPoint presentation on Alan Krueger’s website. Whereas Krueger focusses on the ticket prices for mainstream superstars, such as Madonna, The Rolling Stones etc, Sonic Youth is, of course a different category, but the question remains, what the right pricing for concert tickets should be. Continue reading

Roskilde Classic Rock Festival

Last year I was at Roskilde Festival and I thought it was pretty much the perfect rock festival, except for the music…

Today they have announced the 2006 line-up and the headliners are pretty unbelievable: Bob Dylan, Guns’n’Roses and Roger Waters performing The Dark Side of the Moon.

What has the scandinavian youth done to deserve a line-up full of their parent’s favorites? Just think of the money the organizers could have spent on cool bands of this century. Just as well that I’m going to Reading Festival this year.

Obviously in Reading this year there will be Pearl Jam on Sunday night, who also qualify as Classic Rock, by my standards, but probably won’t play at Roskilde anymore…

(Roskilde news found at Pitchfork)

We are Scientists – Much love, little Squalor

I had read a bit about We Are Scientists in different parts of the Internets before, but I really discovered them as the opening act for The Kaiser Chiefs at the Bataclan here in Paris. I am not saying that they were better than the main act (which would have been hard to do) but they did put on a great show.

With Love And Squalor

Taking into account their nerdy name, the ugly record cover and also the buzz created through the blogosphere, I somehow expected something brainy, more influenced by Sonic Youth or Pavement, but in reality the main influence seems to be Weezer. Never judge a book by it’s cover…

So the science we are talking about here is the science of Power Pop, with some light touches of Placebo (Textbook, Lousy Reputation). And I wont judge if it’s science or art, but the result is very convincing. There’s plenty of excitement, and almost every song could be a (hit-)single.

There is nothing profoundly new on this CD, but who cares, this is not meant to be challenging, but fun. It’s a great album and a great live band. What more can you ask for..

The Minus 5 – Gun Album

The Minus 5 attracted my attention by their last album Down With Wilco. The music is kind of timeless pop, with a heavy Beatles influence, although I don’t know any Beatles album, which is as “Beatles-Sounding” as some of the albums carrying that label.

The Minus 5(Aka The Gun Album) +2

The Gun Album (it doesn’t really have a name), continues with sweet pop music, that is very pleasant to hear, with nice melodies and all real instruments. I am not sure if anyone listens to this anymore, but it is very refreshingly non-hip. Jeff Tweedy and Peter Buck are on top of the list of participating musicians. What more can you ask for? Very enjoyable, ideal for a long run or car drive.

Robert Pollard – From a Compound Eye

Robert Pollard probably is an Indie-Rock genius. The problem with a genius is, that he is often not understood by the people of his time. What I am trying to say, is that I am truly fascinated by Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices, but somehow I am not sure I ever really got the music. Nevertheless I have continously bought and listened to GBV albums (I have 6). Now that GBV have ceased to exist, it seemed to be appropriate to check out Robert Pollard ‘s solo-album, to continue my quest.
From a Compound Eye

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