We are Scientists – Much love, little Squalor

I had read a bit about We Are Scientists in different parts of the Internets before, but I really discovered them as the opening act for The Kaiser Chiefs at the Bataclan here in Paris. I am not saying that they were better than the main act (which would have been hard to do) but they did put on a great show.

With Love And Squalor

Taking into account their nerdy name, the ugly record cover and also the buzz created through the blogosphere, I somehow expected something brainy, more influenced by Sonic Youth or Pavement, but in reality the main influence seems to be Weezer. Never judge a book by it’s cover…

So the science we are talking about here is the science of Power Pop, with some light touches of Placebo (Textbook, Lousy Reputation). And I wont judge if it’s science or art, but the result is very convincing. There’s plenty of excitement, and almost every song could be a (hit-)single.

There is nothing profoundly new on this CD, but who cares, this is not meant to be challenging, but fun. It’s a great album and a great live band. What more can you ask for..