Roskilde Classic Rock Festival

Last year I was at Roskilde Festival and I thought it was pretty much the perfect rock festival, except for the music…

Today they have announced the 2006 line-up and the headliners are pretty unbelievable: Bob Dylan, Guns’n’Roses and Roger Waters performing The Dark Side of the Moon.

What has the scandinavian youth done to deserve a line-up full of their parent’s favorites? Just think of the money the organizers could have spent on cool bands of this century. Just as well that I’m going to Reading Festival this year.

Obviously in Reading this year there will be Pearl Jam on Sunday night, who also qualify as Classic Rock, by my standards, but probably won’t play at Roskilde anymore…

(Roskilde news found at Pitchfork)

One thought on “Roskilde Classic Rock Festival

  1. If Roskilde continues this way they will soon have the dead bodies on stage – not in the audience. Last year they almost achieved this by bringing a Graveyard Boy, sorry Beach Boy on stage. Long live the British Teens – see picture on top.

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