Hidden tracks are still running the world

Artists seem to have always used the possibilities of the actual support the music is delivered on. In the vinyl era many recordings made use of the fact that there were two sides to a record and obviously the B-side of a single belongs to a whole music genre on its own.

The arrival of the CD brought along the hidden track. The first time I really became aware of this was with Nevermind from Nirvana, which I had bought in vinyl only to find out later on that the CD version actually had a bonus track (Endless, Nameless).

On the recent Jarvis Cocker solo album the song Cunts are still running the world is hidden on the very end of the CD, at approximately 30 minutes of the the last song (Quantum Theory).

I actually quite like this song, but of course it’s a pain in the neck to fast-forward the CD player for quite some time in order to hear it. Also the long gap means I have to pull the ipod out of my pocket to fast forward, unless I want to enjoy 25 minutes of silence.

There are probably all kinds of good artistic reasons to “hide” tracks, but I won’t miss them as the disappear in the download era. Unless people are happy to download 20MB to have two songs and a long silence in between.

New Music (?)

I thought I could do a quick summary of recent new CD’s I’ve bought:

Jarvis CockerJarvis If you liked Pulp you’ll like this, if you didn’t…
Jay BennettThe Magnificent Defeat former member of Wilco. If you like Wilco… (no seriously, less experimental than recent Wilco, very laid back and enjoyable)
The Blood ArmLie Lover Lie The american version of Franz Ferdinand. If you like…
Albert Jr HammondYours to Keep Solo album of Strokes guitar player. It does not sound like another Strokes album… But still, if you like The Strokes…
Mondo GeneratorA Drug Problem That Never Existed ? This actually not new, it the new group of the former QOTSA Bass Player. What else can I say?
I’m from BarcelonaLet Me Introduce You to My Friends Obviously they come from…Sweden. They have a great single (We are from Barcelona) and a poppy album
BeckThe Information This is the new album, It’s actually quite good, and if you like Beck…
Foo FightersSkin and Bones This is a live acoustic album, based on the accoustic disc of the their latest 2CD. Even if you don’t usually like the Foo FIghters you might actually enjoy this, the opposite is also true
The KillersSam’s Town I personally was only half convinced by their debut album, the new CD focusses on the other half..
Viva VoceGet Yr Blood Sucked Out A mixed duo from the US West Coast making strange noises