Acceptable copy prevention?

So Apple has started selling DRM free tracks (iTunes Plus). It’s not actually mp3’s, but Apple’s own m4a-format. DRM-free means you can copy them as much as you like to any device/computer and listen to them. Just like you can take a CD and listen to it in any CD-player. Progress!?!

But the story does not end her. Some smart people have had a closer look at those files :

Such is the situation with Apple’s new DRM-free music: songs sold without DRM still have a user’s full name and account e-mail embedded in them, which means that dropping that new DRM-free song on your favorite P2P network could come back to bite you.

Besides any potential privacy aspects, I believe that this is actually quite a smart move, and even more so because people can convert the files into mp3’s without the personal information, taking into account an acceptable loss of sound quality. If you’re really concerned about sound quality, you should buy vinyls or CD’s anyway.

 Found via Stereogum


Wilco – Impossible France?

Yesterday I went to see Wilco at the Bataclan. It was totally amazing, and it’s hard to imagine how it could have been any better.

Of course, the music is neither punk-rock nor particularly dance-able, but 1h45 of great songs, amazing musicianship (as in singing, drumming and guitar playing) and real emotions are all I ask for.

I am, of course, biased, as I am a long time Wilco fan, but after the show, even G says:

"Mais, je dois avouer que Jeff Tweedy est sans doute l’un des plus grand songwriters US de ces 10 dernières ann es" (I must admit that Jeff Tweedy is, without doubt, one of the greatest US songwriters of the last 10 years)

One question remains: How come that Wilco still is such an insider affair in France? Even yesterday the Bataclan  would have probably been half empty, if there had not been so many Americans.

Do old Police-men still rock?

I have never been ashamed to admit liking The Police a lot. Their  Live! album is always on my Ipod. So when I heard the news of them reforming, I was initially excited by the idea of getting to see them play live, considering that I was too young to go to one of their shows at the time.

But of course they are playing stadiums, and the idea of a paying 100€ to see a band in a football stadium  just does not appeal to me.

This (German) article basically says that their show in Vancouver was great and that they are not just cashing in on their past glory…

 It almost makes me regret my decision, but in reality I don’t even like seeing football matches in the Stade de France…

Zone Libre? WTF?

Yesterday I went to see Shellac at the Bataclan. But first I had to endure the opening act: Zone Libre.

I won’t comment on their music, but still… I mean even if your music is instrumental, you are allowed to set up a microphone to say Hello, Thank You and Good Bye. And if you are a rock star (and Serge Teyssot-Gay is, as the former guitarist of Noir Desir, undoubtably one in France) the irony of a "Fuck Rock Stars" T-shirt is totally lost, unless it’s meant be an invitation for groupies…

In case you were wondering, Shellac were great, and amazingly loud…

And I don’t think 22 € for a show at the Bataclan is expensive (people who were there will understand the sense of this remark)


Carling Stage announced for Reading

Carling Stage is the smallest stage at the Reading Festival so, some people would probably say it’s the most interesting (or in this case the best). The Main Stage Line-up this year is not so exciting with Razorlight/-shite, the RHCP and the Smashing Pumpkins, but Carling stage is looking good as always.

The three headliners are not to be missed. Albert Hammond Jr is back at Reading after his past triumph with his main band. The Hot Hot Heat are a great live band, and I seem to remember having seen them at Reading on a bigger stage before. The Hold Steady are totally amazing live, even though people can have mixed opinions on their, very Springsteen-sounding, latest album.

Lower down on the list, it’ll be interesting to see Charlotte Hatherley on Sunday, after seeing her former band is playing on the Main Stage on Friday.


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Summercase line-up finalized

The final day-by-day line-up for Summercase has been announced. I’m going on Saturday to see JAMC, but I’m also looking forward to see the Chemical Brothers, Kaiser Chiefs, !!!, Jarvis Cocker and Badly Drawn Boy.

I can’t help but be surprised about the presence of James and OMD, but I guess they’re contemporary to JAMC. I’ll probably miss the friday with a special regret for Bromhead’s Jacket and the local (in Barcelona) Delorean.

For the full list read on…

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The National Boxer

I’ve been listening to the Boxer by The National over the last couple of days. It has received a lot of praise on Pitchfork and Stylus. I think it’s beautiful (which often means boring in my opinion) but lacks a bit of bite. You could also call it soft.

..but I should mention that you are entitled to a free mp3-download of the album, if you but the vinyl.

From Berlin to Paris…

Just in from the Stereo Total mailing-list:

And in June/July, we will put out our new CD "ParisBerlin", which will be released in Europe by Disko B and in the USA by Kill Rock Stars.

Here you can already watch the cover:

"ParisBerlin" is a rock’n’roll and chanson-album. It is rough and romantic in the same time (like the cover, where Brezel and me are showed as naked lovers). We took care of the melodies. And the lyrics are all about love, rebellion and nostalgy.

You can find more information in German, English and French and some press photos here.

Ever since my life has turned Franco-German (in Berlin), Stereo Total have been part of the soundtrack. I can’t wait for the album and I’m looking forward to see them on tour, although Françoise had a bad day, the last time they played at the Point FMR in Paris.