Go vote!

Just as election fever has ebbed down a bit here in France, I received a message from the Wilco Mailing list today:

[…]We’re actually asking you to please go out next week and do the right thing for Wilco. That is, vote with your feet and prove the band’s faith well-placed and buy the record. It’s available from Tuesday at all kinds of retailers everywhere. Ask for it by name. It’s also available here, and for those of you who are more digitally inclined, here.[…]

I’ve already voted, as I pre-ordered the vinyl version and the special T-Shirt from wilcoworld a couple of weeks ago (and bought tickets for the concert at the Bataclan). Obviously I’ve also been listening to the album, which was easily found at the usual P2P locations and I recommend it to all of you.

Music can’t be free. Buying CDs/Albums has today indeed become a way of expressing support for you’re favorite band, record shop or whatever…