From Berlin to Paris…

Just in from the Stereo Total mailing-list:

And in June/July, we will put out our new CD "ParisBerlin", which will be released in Europe by Disko B and in the USA by Kill Rock Stars.

Here you can already watch the cover:

"ParisBerlin" is a rock’n’roll and chanson-album. It is rough and romantic in the same time (like the cover, where Brezel and me are showed as naked lovers). We took care of the melodies. And the lyrics are all about love, rebellion and nostalgy.

You can find more information in German, English and French and some press photos here.

Ever since my life has turned Franco-German (in Berlin), Stereo Total have been part of the soundtrack. I can’t wait for the album and I’m looking forward to see them on tour, although Françoise had a bad day, the last time they played at the Point FMR in Paris.