Give the people what they want…

From the WSJ:

A new five-concert series called "Social" will debut in East Hampton, N.Y., in July, with a pass to all five shows costing $15,000. (Tickets aren’t available for individual shows.) (…) The Social lineup is hardly cutting-edge — it includes Prince, Billy Joel, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty and James Taylor. (…) Then again, it’s not just about music: At Social, artists will exhibit, celebrity chefs will cook, parking will cost nothing and seating will include daybeds, ottomans and Moroccan pillows. Social will be marketed as a lifestyle, says Bulldog, to Wall Street executives, Hamptons socialites and the ultrarich.

Most ageing musicians will play anywhere, as long as the money is right, and for the people attending it’s less expensive than to organize a private show in their garden. 

 Via: Idolator