Talking ’bout a revolution


This article on the "Comeback of vinyl" from the Chicago Tribune is quite to the point. Some comments however:

180 gram pressing are not "a new technology for vinyl". They actually existed before CD’s were invented

Vinyl is not cheap, but, at least here in France, the price difference is not really that significant, and nowhere near the 2:1 ratio mentioned in the article. You can even order vinyls at reasonable prices at (Icky Thump for 19,36EUR).

And, coming back to one of my recent favorite subjects, you’ve got to love the comments from Martin Hall from Merge records:

Recognizing that the audiophile market should be cultivated — hey, these people want to buy the music — providing the free MP3 downloads was a no-brainer, Hall said.

"It wasn’t like we had a huge marketing meeting," he said. "It was just us sitting around thinking about how to get this music [from vinyl] onto an iPod. We just thought it would be cool to give them the MP3 files if they bought vinyl. So we did it."

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Friends in DC

In October 2002, I was on a business trip in Washington, DC. I took the opportunity to see some old friends who were living there at the time.

By a very fortunate coincidence, it happened to be the week-end on which Bob Mould played the last show of his tour, promoting his latest album, Body of Sound at the 9:30 club. I could not believe my luck at the time, and the show was totally mind-blowing…

Two years later, Bob is releasing a DVD, of the show.  You can pre-order it already.

Thanks, Bob!

Lock-up and dance!

The Lock-up stage tends to be a total sauna at the Reading festival, whereas the Dance stage sometimes appears to be little bit out of context at a ROCK-festival like Reading.

This year I’m looking forward to see (again) the Bronx, who were brutal last year in the Carling tent, I’ll also give might Turbonegro a second try, even if they were almost a comedy act on the large stage at Roskilde two years ago.

I will probably see !!! at Summercase so I’ll decide afterwards if they’re worth seeing again. I really like both of their albums.

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Some people don’t seem to understand…

I found this via Idolator:

"So I paid full price for a crippled CD from Warner Bros.  And I pay for my music!  Why are they trying to restrict my ability to open the CD on my Mac and rip into iTunes   It’s conduct like this that will cause people to stop buying CDs and download illegally instead." (

Someone at Warner must have spent the last year in hibernation. This sounds like a story from one year ago… 

What’s that, daddy?

My sister is visiting us in Paris with her three children. They arrived yesterday evening. During dinner I put on some music, as I always do.

Imagine my surprise when my oldest nephew (6 years old) asked his dad: What’s that, daddy?

He had never seen an LP or a record player before… 

Chalk lines on the pavement

I don’t think this article ("Ye cannae change the laws of physics!") provides any new insights, but it uses some nice images:

Trying to make Digital Rights Management (DRM) work in the real world is like asking engineers to do "Star Trek" style magic, rather than real engineering. DRM simply cannot work. (…)

Engineers know that DRM doesn’t work, that it can’t possibly work. Yet just like Scotty when Captain Kirk calls from the bridge asking for the impossible they can’t seem to help producing ever more complicated versions of the same broken system. (…)

Claiming that this process can ever be made secure from the people you’ve just given all this information to is like believing you can create a secure bank vault by drawing chalk lines on the pavement, piling the money inside and asking customers to "respect these boundaries".



Volkswagen commercials

There has been a lot of talk about Wilco selling a bunch of songs from Sky Blue Sky to Volkswagen for some  TV-commercials. (I saw it first on Stereogum, there was even an official statement from the band, which I first saw on Pitchfork)

The story gets a special twist, when you read the recent interview with Comets on Fire on Pitchfork, concerning last year’s album Avatar (which I recommend):

Ethan Miller: Take a listen to the record. Come on, do you think these songs are going to be in Volkswagen commercials?

I don’t think it’s connected, but it still made me smile… 


JAMC for the 21st century

So the Jesus and Mary Chain have not only reunited for some shows:

"The reunion is not necessarily about any nostalgia trip," frontman Jim Reid told Uncut. "There will be a new record, otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to reforming." (

I wonder what that will be like… After all those years.

But I’m already sure to buy it, anyway