Talking ’bout a revolution


This article on the "Comeback of vinyl" from the Chicago Tribune is quite to the point. Some comments however:

180 gram pressing are not "a new technology for vinyl". They actually existed before CD’s were invented

Vinyl is not cheap, but, at least here in France, the price difference is not really that significant, and nowhere near the 2:1 ratio mentioned in the article. You can even order vinyls at reasonable prices at (Icky Thump for 19,36EUR).

And, coming back to one of my recent favorite subjects, you’ve got to love the comments from Martin Hall from Merge records:

Recognizing that the audiophile market should be cultivated — hey, these people want to buy the music — providing the free MP3 downloads was a no-brainer, Hall said.

"It wasn’t like we had a huge marketing meeting," he said. "It was just us sitting around thinking about how to get this music [from vinyl] onto an iPod. We just thought it would be cool to give them the MP3 files if they bought vinyl. So we did it."

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