The end is near…

At this stage, I would say that the announcement by Hifi-company Linn to stop CD player production is probably as much a publicity stunt as it is truly reflecting the market. It works though, because I wasn’t aware of their Digital Stream players before.

Anyway, I wanted to comment on somebody else’s comment on the the same subject, because it very much reflects my thinking.

This fact confirms what we have been writing for years: the future of Music sales is liquid (digital download of studio master files for hi-quality and MP3s for the masses) while physical media lovers will be content enough with high quality pressings on vinyl. While this is a clear trend if one considers software sales, this decision by Linn seems to be the first, strong step towards the abandon of the CD format from the hardware point of view.

via Linn stops CD players production! – [English].

It has been some time now that I have stopped buying CD. Instead I buy (lots of) LP’s for at home and listen to mp3 on the go…

Me and the NME

I don’t really “get” the NME and I don’t think that really matters to either of us. But I find The NME Top 50 albums of the decade suprisingly relevant and in line with my taste/record collection. I could argue about the actual ranking and some of the individual records, but overall I would recommend this to anyone wanting to catch up on good music of the last 10 years. Find the top 20 here, or the full top 50 at

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